Where Birds Go to Sleep [DEMO] by Quiet Little Feet

Become what you hate in Where Birds Go to Sleep, a feverish narrative game with a twist: you're never directly in control.

"Slip into the subconscious of Cormo, a primitive criminal sent on a mission to chart new, mystical lands shrouded in a mind-altering fog. You never directly assume control, but you will mould him through every decision and every sentence you put in his mind. Uncover the dark mysteries of the island and of the human psyche. Become what you hate in Where Birds Go To Sleep."

The mystical, psychological and spiritually moving narrative adventure "Where Birds Go to Sleep" has a public, content rich demo available on Steam until the end of November, showcasing meaningful exploration and side content. Brought to life in a painterly artstyle and full voice acting.

The demo focuses on exploration, secrets and meaningful "side" content.

About Quiet Little Feet
Quiet Little Feet is a small game developer currently working on Where Birds Go to Sleep. We are fascinated by player-driven narratives, choices and the consequences such stories can have both on and outside of the screen. Our goal is to revolutionise narrative-driven video games and video-game storytelling by bringing player agency into the story.

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