From the creator of presskit() comes a better way to handle games press.

distribute() (pronounced 'do distribute') is a new & better way to keep track of your press lists and (p)review build distribution.

Manage press lists for your latest release with a new type of electronic secretary.

distribute() is modelled to save you valuable development hours you'd otherwise have to spend on distributing builds and maintaining press lists. Simply send out a distribute() link for your game to your press contacts, and distribute() will organise all required information into a neatly organised list the system manages and maintains for you. Furthermore, distribute() will simplify numerous public data sources into a simple Reach statistic to help you decide how to prioritise your press strategy for your new release.

Send previews copies to your contacts with the simplicity of a single click.

Simply feed distribute() a number of Steam-codes, iTunes promo codes, Humble links, PSN codes, Xbox redeem codes or any other token. We'll take care of sending the proper code to the proper contact, and we'll warn you when you're running out of tokens. Never deal with confusing spreadsheets, duplicate codes or complex systems again. If you're not using tokens, simply host the file somewhere and we'll make sure everybody receives a link. You click once, distribute() does all the work for you.

E-mail parsing for full control without ever leaving your email client.

Painstakingly modelled after Devolver Digital's Nigel Lowrie, distribute() allows you to simply forward a press request to a unique distribute() email address. We will parse the e-mail and add the request to the system as if you had carefully added it yourself, compile available information into the Reach statistic and have the request listed for when you need it. Use distribute() alongside your e-mail for full functionality, or simply use it as an invisible extension to your e-mail for basic list and distribution functionality.

Developed with feedback from prominent developers, press and video content creators.

distribute() is created to make life easier for everybody. Developed in collaboration with prominent developers, members of the press and video content creators, the system is built to maximise efficiency and usability for each party. distribute() saves developers time by maintaining press lists and distributing builds, while giving press a more streamlined process to receive and request (p)review builds for interesting titles.

Verified press contacts help you ensure press requests come from a trusted source.

Verified press contacts help you avoid fake requests from video content creators or people pretending to be from larger websites or YouTube personalities. Verified press contacts are manually vetted and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing games press landscape. Additionally, distribute() can be set to handle requests from verified accounts automatically, so that you can be sure esteemed members from the press can get access to your game as soon as you flip the switch.

Built for security to ensure your data and contacts are safe.

distribute() is built on secure protocols and uses HTTPS secure communications. Every important piece of information in our databases is hashed or encrypted with industry-standard methods, and backed up across several servers in case of emergency or downtime. Every action that can distribute your build uses a secure two-step verification system, ensuring that only you can give people access to your game. The entire system is built to make sure that even in the event of a breach, your critical information is secure.

Free service for small developers, only pay for what you cost for larger studios.

distribute() is an initiative to empower small and independent development, and no profit shall ever be made off of the service. Regardless, the reality is that there are costs involved with running a server & sending large amounts of email. If costs get out of hand, high-frequency users will be requested to pay only for the expenses their activity on distribute() incurs. It is not expected that the costs for distribute() will reach a point in which such payments are required, but for the sake of full disclose, we thought we'd mention it.

Crafted with care by independent developers for independent developers.

distribute() was created by Rami Ismail (@tha_rami) with additional development by Martijn Frazer. All development costs are paid for by two-man independent game-studio Vlambeer. Additional thanks to Andreas Zecher, Mike Rose, Ryan Letourneau, Jan Willem Nijman and many others for support, feedback and wisdom.

Interested in getting access or getting verified?

distribute() is currently in alpha, which means you can register for the service, but no guarantees are made regarding its functionality. If you're press, feel free to use the verification form to request verification.