Dungeon Deathball by Matt Glanville

Dungeon Deathball is a compact, turn-based, tactical ball sport with random elements and 'permadeath'.

Currently in development - Early Access available
‚ÄčAvailable for Windows only (for now)


Guide a team of slaves in a deadly game to win their freedom, and face off against savage monsters who inhabit the dungeon.

The game is quick to pick up and play, simple enough for players who aren't hardcore fans of tactical games, but gives a decent challenge so that you're always one step away from becoming floor wax.

Can you survive until the grisly end?


- Simple turn-based tactics on a grid.
- Pick up & play rounds that can be finished in a few minutes.
- 'Rogue-like' elements: randomised challenges with every game, and when your players die they're gone forever.
- Learn the rules: not everything is random. Some things are entirely predictable once you've learned the patterns, allowing you to make well-informed tactical decisions.
- Recruit unique, random characters and unlock their special skills. Then lead them to their doom.
- Variety of fearsome enemies posing unique tactical threats.

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