Blitz Breaker by Boncho Games

Hi! Thanks for showing interest in Blitz Breaker, you're hyper advanced dashing platformer starring a cute little robot that likes to play dress up of the future.

Just a couple notes:

- If you're a youtuber / streamer, just keep in mind that while I will try to respond to every request, I may not be able to grant every single request. As a result I hope you understand (keep in mind, it's not that I'm holding some ridiculous standards, it's more of an FYI.)

- If you're a press person, pretty much the same rules. I'll try to get to as many requests as I can, but alas I am only human and may not get to them all. Also, please use an email address with the same domain as the website you work for. Makes it easier, otherwise I may request additional verification.

- If you request give-away copies, keep in mind that I will try to provide as many as possible, just please understand that I have a limited supply, and that all giveaways are at my discretion. (I hope you understand!)

- Steam achievements are most likely not implemented at the moment. This is due to some discretion on the developer's part (engine related things), and will hopefully be ready for launch, if not soon after.

- PS: You can download screenshots, press images and other fine items at:

More info at:

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