Super Dashmatch by hOSHI UG

Super Dashmatch! - You control a fighting orb which you can customize in the character selection. Select an Arena and join the battle! Sometimes the Arena can be a more challenging enemy than your opponents, so always keep an eye on the changing Arena and inprove your skills to perform the craziest moves! Additionally, you can get PowerUps to make the battle even more epic! Do you have the skill to beat your friends or even the devs?

- 2 Characters (+ 3 skins per character)
- 3 Arenas (devided in 3 Stages each)
- 2 Powerups
- Skill based gameplay
- Local Multiplayer
- Gamepad support
- Steam achievements

Multiplayer mode:
- One Screen Multiplayer (Local/Online)
- Up to 4 players
- Configurable Matches (Timelimit/Last man standing)

- Spider Orb
- Tire Orb

Industrial Cube
Future Cube
Holo Cube

Kinetic Charge
Super Dash

Can you stand against your friends?

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