Ghost Grab 3000 by Matt Glanville


Humanity is long gone, but our wretched souls still wander the Earth.

Ghost Grab 3000 is a challenging arcade game with a unique mechanic: the Grapple Beam. Chain ghosts together to build up your score multiplier. Survive endless waves and rise to the top of the leaderboards!

The goal is simple: score as many points as you can while enduring an increasingly difficult 'bullet hell' arena.


- Latch on to ghosts with the Grapple Beam.
- Once a ghost has been grabbed, you can instantly destroy it to score points.
- Alternatively, increase your multiplier by chaining more ghosts together then destroy them all at the same time for a huge score!
- But be careful: ghosts still pose a threat right up until they are destroyed (even if you've already grabbed them).
- You decide when it's time to wipe out the chain... Will you risk taking damage to build up your multiplier, or sacrifice it to quickly control enemy numbers?


- The Grapple Beam: A unique game mechanic that forces you to think quickly as you navigate a deadly flurry of bullets.
- Endless arcade challenge: An addictive game of survival and endurance! Defeat as many ghosts as you can before you become a robo-wreck, then jump back in to beat your high score.
- Special abilities: Boosts and shockwaves help you escape danger. Power them up as you play to survive ever-increasing enemy numbers.
- Modify your Robot: Unlock over 100 combinations of 'Robot Mods' to customise your abilities.
- Easy to pick up, hard to master: Quick sessions last a few minutes, so it's the perfect game to kill some time during a quick lunch break or compete with friends.

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