Wondee by Longsword Studios, Inc.

Time to eat some Dots! Wondee just wants to eat some Dots but Pointies keep getting in the way. Help Wondee navigate the Lines, evade jagged Pointies and monstrous Mega Pointies, elude the Firewall and reach the Finish Line. Discover Goody Boxes to unlock rewards and conquer your high score.

Wondee™ is a brightly colored arcade game where you race down lines while being chased by a wall of fire, eat dots, evade enemies, and collect chests of goodies. It’s a fast-paced arcade-racing-platformer with several game modes and many unlockable abilities that change the way you play.


* Colorful arcade action with simple controls
* Unlockable hats with game changing abilities
* Three difficulty levels from easy to hard
* Suitable for young kids - no violence, death, blood or taxes
* Unique game modes and challenges
* Endless levels - ever-changing levels of increasing difficulty
* Gamepad and keyboard support

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