The Quest for the BIG KEY by hOSHI UG

The Quest for the BIG KEY is highly inspired by NES classics that you will no doubt recognize. It focuses more on the exploring part. It comes completely without Enemies and Battles. So if you like finding secret passages and collecting items that allow you to progress in different parts of the map, this game is for you.

Just don't die!

Secret Rooms
About 10 different Pickups
More than 60 Rooms

What it has NOT:
Random Battles
Save Games
Long Gameplay
A high price

What it has:
Heart Containers
More Pickups
Power Ups

Gameplay: About an hour
Speedrun: I did it in 20 Minutes (please share a video of your time)

Since the game is really not that long, there are no checkpoints. You won't need them. My playtesting kids (age about 5 and 7 years) finished the game in about 55 Minutes and died about 10 times. So you will have no problem as well ;)

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