Iffy Institute by hOSHI UG

The definitive multiplayer experience.
Iffy Institute is a fast-paced maze action game for 2-4 players, in which the four most high-profile lab animals fight for survival in a mad scientists lab. Build explosion chains with powerful directional bombs and roast your enemies with super-mighty special skills.

5 playable characters:
Alba, Dolly, Ham, Vacanti and Rexy: the toughest and bravest animals ever to serve humanity’s scientific curiosity.

4 special skills:
Turn the tables using mighty special skills. Jetpack or earwax-cannon? Explosive clone sheep, anyone?

Local and online multiplayer:
Old school couch gameplay for 2-4 players and online multiplayer via the integrated friends list. Keep your friends close.

Better bombs:
Place directional bombs using 4 action buttons and compose beautiful chain explosions at your command! If you’re smart...

3 pickups:
Boost your character for a competitive edge.

Controller support:
Hook up any combination of DualShock 4, Xbox One, Steam Link or other third-party controllers and get going, fast.

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