Chambara by team ok

Samurai birds hide, seek, and strike in this stylish split-screen stealth game where the two-color art style lets you disappear perfectly into the environment.

Chambara’s core mechanic is disappearance - a unique marriage of visuals and design. It elegantly reinvents hide-and-seek in a world of two colors, where players hide plain sight to ambush each other in thrilling and stylish duels.

Chambara has been exhibited at events like E3 2015, Indiecade, BitBash, the Independent Games Festival, Dare ProtoPlay, and IndieCade. Chambara is also the winner of the 2015 BAFTA “Ones to Watch Award” and an IGF Award Nominee for Best Student Game. Chambara promises to thrill and connect players with its striking visual style and deep, tactical play.


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