Robot Legions Reborn by Skyboy Games LLC

On a planet overrun by robots, one rogue unit is fighting to preserve the will of the original Makers. Shoot, dodge and upgrade your way through countless robotic enemies for only you can defeat... the Robot Legions.

Blast your way through the legions of robots to liberate your home-planet!

* Multiple enemy types, each with unique behavior
* Collect cash to upgrade your defense and firepower
* Special feats to accomplish for players who want an extra challenge
* New to Robot Legions Reborn: Special Hard Mode campaign for the ultimate challenge
* New to Robot Legions Reborn: Control the game using keyboard and mouse or gamepad
* New to Robot Legions Reborn: Bigger explosions and screen-shake
* New to Robot Legions Reborn: Special Arcade Mode with support for 1 or 2 players

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