Undercrewed by David Strachan

Greetings Captain,

Undercrewed needs you! It’s time to assemble your crew for a new 1-4 player local/online co-op space adventure.
In Undercrewed you and your friends drive the same spaceship by running around and activating parts of it. Control shields to protect the ship, use repair drones to fix broken areas and of course guns to fight off incoming enemies.

Fans of FTL / Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime / Galaxy Trucker / Space Cadets / Artemis will enjoy this!


Welcome Aboard!
- David Strachan


* No knowledge of space flight required.
** Warning space lasers might get hot.
*** 55.8% chance of death.
**** Droids welcome.
***** Radiation from engines may cause infertility.

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