Super Rocket Ride by Adam McLellan

Super Rocket Ride is a collaboration between Cosmocat and Unruly Games. It can best be described as a cross between old school lander games and classic platformers of the SNES era: a simple control scheme, lush pixel art, and unforgiving levels fraught with obstacles and hazards.

• Analog controls
• 24 hand-crafted levels (with more on the way)
• Over-the-top physics-based deaths
• Contemporary atmospheric soundtrack featuring music from Snug, JFS and Ogotu

Note that Super Rocket Ride is currently in early access. Please only request a key at this time if you are able to reflect this in your review, and to ensure the review is updated as the game progresses.

IMPORTANT: in order to minimize the chance of your request being denied, please ensure you use a publicly listed email address, such as the email listed on your website, YouTube account, etc.

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